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Customized 1-on-1 Training

Learn the basics of crafting effective prompts with chat-based AI tools. This specialized training demystifies prompting and sets you up for  accelerated learning and professional growth.

About the Training

How It Works & What's Included

Get started fast with personalized training. And keep it up with on-demand support.

1. Select & Pay

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3. Attend & Receive Custom Prompts

Attend your session (introduction and specifics). Walk away with custom prompts ready to use.

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4. Get Support & Keep Growing

Get email support to help with troubleshooting and more - for 30 days. ~24 hour response time


Training Topics

Our training topics are thoughtfully curated to meet the needs of next-gen teaching and learning. You select your areas of interest and I equip you with actionable insights and techniques. Pick from this list, or check out other curated lists specically for your role.


Develop personalized, innovative assessment content.

Automation & Integration

We help you simplify or automate recurring workflows.


Gamify learning content and experiences, crafting compelling narratives that effectively engage learners and staff.


Draft emails, press releases and more making it easier to keep your community informed.


Create content that resonates with learners and staff - because it is designed for them!


Accelerate planning for courses, programs and more.


Generate custom resources quickly and get everyone up to speed.


Develop your practice (or your team's) and build custom job aids.


Analyze data and extract meaningful insights with our guided research services.

Note: Although specific tools and models will be referenced during the training, the techniques and strategies you learn can be adapted across various language learning models and AI-powered products.

Don't just take our word for it


Hear from educators who've seen the difference.

Kimberly Zie
2nd Grade Teacher | Los Gatos, California
During my one-on-one training with Brandon, we explored ways I could use ChatGPT as an elementary school teacher. Brandon did a fantastic job tailoring the training to my needs, with use cases I could easily implement to accelerate and improve the creation of engaging and personalized educational content suited to my students’ level.

The training was accessible, relevant, and well designed. I would highly recommend it to any educator looking for ways to enhance their teaching practice.
Caitlin Williams
Senior Consultant | Austin, Texas
Brandon's personalized training will exceed your expectations, enhancing your creativity and ideation with cutting-edge AI tools. In a day and age when everything moves fast, I highly recommend these services for anyone looking to accelerate their learning.
Kerri-Ann Moore
L&D Program Manager | New Jersey
I feel like I’ve leveled up!

The personalized use cases for AI covered in my training session showed me that I’m only scratching the surface of how much it can help me in my role. I’d recommend this training to anyone interested learning new ways AI can help them increase efficiency.
Emily Durst
Adult ESL Instructor | Chicopee, Massachusetts
Everything I took from my session I can put to immediate use. We looked at ways to use ChatGPT for lesson planning, admin, and assessment writing tasks. I came away from our hour-long session full of ideas, both creative and time-saving.

Take it from someone who sits through most professional development quietly fuming, thinking, "Having this time as prep time would be so much more useful!"  

Brandon only addressed tasks and resources that were relevant to my teaching. He demonstrated use cases based on my needs.

10/10 would recommend.

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