Craft an Ecosystem Narrative

Inspire with stories that matter.

In 2016, Mark Bonchek wrote, "Its not enough any more to say 'we make widgets."

In 2022, for education teams - it's not enough any more to say "we power 'personalized learning." Or "we reimagine the classroom."

As Bonchek continued, "With changes happening so quickly from so many directions – competition, regulation, technology, talent, customer behavior – it’s easy for one’s story to become generic or outdated."

Don't let your story get stale.

Transform institutional knowledge and partnerships into compelling stories - for prospects, customers, employees, and partners.

Let's craft your team's growth story.

Build a narrative ready to evolve as your ecosystem does.

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CEO Engagements



Part user research and part market research, I will reverse engineer your existing ecosystem narrative across channels.



In these meetings, we will engage with what I collected in STEP 1 through a series of guiding questions.

The product of this phase is a collection of narrative elements (think characters, settings, and a compelling plot).



In our follow-up meetings, we will build the deliverable: a deck, defining the strategic narrative for you and your team.

If you're a CEO and would like to learn more, email me at