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Free Mini-Courses

#1 - Generative AI Workflows for Teaching and Learning

Part 1 - Designing Visual Assets for Teaching and Learning:

Design a Google Classroom or Canvas Banner with Midjourney and Figma.

1. Build your stack

Get set up with the one of the most popular design tools in the world and a powerful AI image generation platform.

Sign up for a free Figma account.
Sign up and download Discord.
Sign up for Midjourney Beta.

2. Design images in Midjourney

Learn the basics and jump in to designing compelling visuals for your banner.

Meet the Midjourney Bot
Build a Text Prompt in Midjourney
Adjust Parameters in Midjourney
Get to Know Midjourney Results
Get Creative with Midjourney Styles

3. Build the banner in Figma

Get familiar with the basics of designing in Figma and wrap up the process of building your online classroom banner.

Figma Tips
Create a Frame in Figma
Add images from Midjourney
Editing Midjourney images in Figma

What's next?

Whatever you can dream up.

Do more with your new skills!

Become "AI-enabled."

My FREE courses provide an applied introduction to AI-enabled content creation for teaching and learning. Get valuable insights and guidance on how to create engaging and effective educational content, faster than ever before.

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